Every morning I wake early and for the guys breakfast I bake muffins or as I prefer to have called them cup cakes – only now cup cakes are just too fashionable.  The flavours depend on my mood and follow no particular pattern.  This morning in the stoe cupboard I discovered a bag of wonderously perfumed cinnamon that I had brought back from my last trip to Morocco, so decided upon cinnamon muffins/cup cakes/wee cakes

They were good, moist, flavoursome and fragrant, but I feel that with four Americans staying I perhaps should not have chosen cinnamon as they do cinnamon so well in the USA and it brought back memories of a great holiday in the mountain resort of Breckenridge when staying there with friends from Scotland who had moved there we used to go for hot cinnamon rolls and vast buckets of steamy coffee topped with whipped cream…

None the less they were all devoured

Tomorrow chocolate I think!

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