After last night’s storm sunrise was early and very beautiful.  Mist hang in the Chiascio valley and as the sun rose the mist crept up the valley toward Bellaugello Gay Guest House which sits at 500 metres altitude facing south over the valley looking directly toward Monte Subasio the large hill behind the city of Assisi.

By nine o’clock there was a light mist but it quickly burnt off and now the sun is shining brightly.  This morning we finished the chimney for our ancient brick oven and I must say it looks rather splendid.  I decided to finish the top with a pyramid formation which is often seen in this part of Umbria.  However we need something to surmount the very top.  A discussion amongst those present came up with, pineapple, field stone, cockerel, and augello.  Well I have to decide, for now it will remain unadorned……..

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