You would think the age I am I would know whether the clocks go forwards or backwards in the spring.  Surely I have lived enough years to remember?

But NO I never remember.  I returned home last night from a most pleasant evening and then began the discussion of the hour.  I was in the minority, thinking the hour went forwards and thus I would lose one hour of my precious beauty sleep, the others said no it went back and what was eight o’clock became seven o’clock and hence an extra hour in bed.

Before going to bed I checked on the internet, I had remembered correctly, – minus one hour of sleep.  It was important for me as the Vivaio had ‘phoned to say they would be delivering the next consigement of plants for the garden at seven thirty on Sunday morning.

The time here is now 08.30 (today time) I have been ups since seven.  I just received a call from the vivaio they are five minutes away.  My guests who normally breakfast at nine will not appear until sometime after ten thirty….  It is so confusing, but I must go as I hear the lorry approaching…..

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