Day two of the tidy up prior to Easter and I feel like I have been pressganged into hard labour for some crime I am yet to commit.

It is good to get some heavy manual labouring, afterall I want to look good and fit when the swimming pool is ready and open, however I am not sure if shovelling barrow-loads of sand, moving pallets of coppi (terracotta roof tiles for the anexxe)  and transporting crazy paving slabs from the main car park to what is now the builders space is the best way of going about it.  But it does need to be done I want the place looking as good as possible for Easter guests.

It is satisfying to see Bellaugello gay bed and breakfast taking shape, and finally to have the car park free of materials and neat and tidy, it just remains for the grass to get a cut.  We have also been tidying in the garden, ready for seeding the lawns to the west of the house.  The dreadful winter weather has meant that the seeding is later than I would have wished, but if done earler all seed would have been washed away or frozen.

Martin my neighbour is planting his potatoes so there is another job waiting for me to find a spare moment, I would also like to get some more seeds in soon.

Next week the majority of the large hay bales leave here I have sold them to a farmer near Perugia, thus freeing up valuable storage space in the barn.  I have decided this year to make bales instead of the giant rolls as they are easier to handle, and give a better return.  The remainder of the hay is being used by my neighbour Francesco to feed his cattle.  The hay is organic so all the better for the cattle.

The builders are back on monday to work on the floor of the dining room and kitchen, windows are on order, the permission finally having arrived, so we are on target to have the next two suites, and the dining room ready for May and the summer season, hurrah!

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  1. You have committed a sin and you are paying for it. Over this side of the valley we have every faith that your place will be ready for Easter. (2011)

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