GUEST COMMENTS – Bellaugello: Luxury gay bed and breakfast near Perugia, Umbria, Italy

I just love this photo taken some time ago by a guest, the location being the terrace here at Bellaugello Gay Guest House, it so exemplifies many of the great things about being at Bellaugello Looking South, the moon hovers shining brightly in the inky deep sky with mist hanging low in the Chiascio valley […]

The guys at Bellaugello Gay Guest House have been busy relaxing, a paradox or what? Gay holidays do not only have to be centred on our infinity pool soaking up the sun and admiring other guys’ physiques. Nor do they have to be holidays reading books interspersed with sleep or partying, or eating, nor necessarily […]

A YouTube link for a video of a couple of swimmers in the infinity pool at Bellaugello Gay Guest House Men in the pool – Bellaugello Thanks to “A” for posting the video to our Facebook page, more of his great work can be seen on YouTube

Snapped the other day from a bedroom window by a guest at Bellaugello Gay Guest House Thanks M for the photo. What my mother would have called “a clearing-up shower” now back to glorious hot sunshine… Suntan here I come!

Excuses for the time taken to post, blog wise, I have of late had a lethargic period, and of course when I finally set too to post the report, the server for my blog decided once again to collapse and I have been left without blog, website or email for most of today, however I […]

Just received this morning this wonderful photograph of two newly wed husbands who are also guests of Bellaugello Gay Guest House following in the tradition of European Royal Families enjoying their traditional first kiss on the balcony! congratulations guys!!

Thanks Eric for the photographs of your Birthday weekend, more to follow but for now a small taster…… of how a few days at Bellaugello Gay Guest House can bring out the clown in everyone…. And of course the mischief…. and now for that Dorian Gray moment…..  

As regular readers and guests of Bellaugello will already know one of my passions is lavender.  The gardens at Bellaugello Gay Guest House abound with the glorious heady perfume of lavender from the many many lavender plants that I have in the garden.  I also use the lavender for cooking, it gives a subtle flavour […]