Hear the Bellaugello dog

A test of wills

As many of you already know almost three years ago I was adopted by a delightful dog whose name I discovered is “Hear” as when on first meeting her in the street here near Bellaugello I called our “Here” and she came!

"Hear" the Bellaugello dog

 Hear has an exquisite nature, adores living in this beautiful countryside and meeting the guys who come and stay with us here in the guest house.

She is protective of her environment, knows the garden and grounds, barks at passing hunter’s cars, but cleverly not barks at new guests arriving.  I have always wondered just how she knows that a specific car is heading here.

As an ex (ie. abandoned) hunting dog – hence the hatred of hunter’s cars she still retains a mild hunting nature.  She has an amazing nose and incredible turn of speed.  On a walk she will give chase (always unsuccessfully) to deer.  At home she is an inveterate chaser of ‘lucciole’ little lizards, digging holes in the newly turned soil.  Her patience knows no bounds.

Cat up an apricot tree @Bellaugello

For a few days now we have seen a large shaggy cat in the garden.  As long as it does not eat the young birds I have no huge objection to this intruder, but it does need to be shown who is boss.  Yesterday at breakfast we noticed Hear sitting motionlessly gazing up into one of the Apricot trees.  A closer look and the object of her attention became evident was the photo on the left shows.


Oh well, the patience was enormous, lasting maybe 20 minutes, but eventually an offer of a walk enticed her away and I guess the cat climbed down and slinked off.


All this time I noticed that the apricot tree is full of tiny green apricots.  So hoping the weather is kind to allow them to mature for us to be serving them both as fresh fruit and in pies and cakes this summer.  The joys of country living 🏳️‍🌈❤️🇮🇹


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