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vai gli sposi...

Huge celebration today as one of my neighbours and good friend Marco married Laura in the regal setting of the town hall in our local town of Gubbio under hot…
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Dawn breaks into sun..

How strange the weather can be, one moment hot hot sunshine and the next magical mist.  Here at Bellaugello Gay Country House we live in the most breath-takingly beautiful of…
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Fruit and more fruit

Michael has been busy collecting cherries, he has combed the lanes round Bellaugello Gay Country House selecting the ripest and juiciest cherries which he plucked.   Bags and bags of cherries…
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Out this afternoon visiting great friends in the valley to be met with complaints Not a usual state of affairs when visiting neighbours but I guess there has to be…
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I love my Infinity Pool

  A photo says it all.  Doesn't really require words, and in future my choice of words will be more carefully scrutinised before clicking the 'Publish' button! (thanks P for…
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I'm still here and so is the sun

No writing, no blogging of late, it seems I have been on strike, not true.  It is not that I have not hd anything to say, it is just that…
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Getting ready for the race

Sunshine, comfort, a swimming pool crystal clear and waiting....  Bellaugello is waiting peacefully for next week and the "Festa dei Ceri" the…
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Hmmmm.... it's been a bit of work in the making

Clearing through photos this morning at Bellaugello Gay Country House I came across this set which brought back memories of just how the house was and all the effort we…
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Lost & Found

Look who I found in the pool today...
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It's getting hot around here

I don't know if I should be posting today because the boffins are working on migrating my jottings to the new look blog and website, I hope I am not…
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So good

This past week Bellaugello Gay Country House has been graced with the presence of Theodore who has been busy helping out whilst soaking up the hot Umbrian sunshine.
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Men in tights

If you are a guy who likes men in tights then you need to get your ticket booked to Umbria to be here for Saturday 25th. April.   Fly into our…
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Beginning to get it all back

Wow! technological problems have abounded.  I am SO tired of technological problems, I know that my emails are not getting through or being received, and for this I apologise, it…
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Yet another sunny day beckons, and breakfast is served in the comfort of our dining room at Bellaugello Gay Country House
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A glorious day here at Bellaugello Gay Country House, the sun shone brightly and temperatures reached 23˚c  the infinity swimming pool is glistening and beginning to heat up.  As I…
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Oh what a beautiful morning!

I am feeling guilty.  Not only do I live here at Bellaugello Gay Country House in one of the most beautiful corners of Europe, but also I have been a…
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Yes, I'm still here, but IT isn't

Not a happy guy at all.  Last festive season I wrote to all my guests that they could expect a huge bit of news from Bellaugello in January, the original…
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No April fool

Busy preparing for Easter, but just time to post pictures of the new look living room of our Specchio Suite here at Bellaugello Gay Country House.
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Wow! what a scorcher

Hot, hot sun today and I find myself busy cleaning 🙁 Slight wispy clouds dot the azure sky, a light breeze, hot hot sun, and all around colour, spring bulbs…
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Connecting from the USA and Northern Europe

Hooray for
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