Ok so I am lazing around feeling low and trawling the internet.  I decided to do something positive and check my blog hits.

It seems I have many regular subscribers, thank you for your loyal following! But I discover that other sites particularly gay oriented blogs have significantly more followers.

I am left wondering just how to increase my hit count, after all my blog is not only for my pleasure, and to update contacts on the progress here at Bellaugello, but serves to market my gay and heterofriendly guest house in Umbria and drive clientelle to my website old.bellaugello.com

Do I need to put raunchy pics, cover topics cogent to the gay community internationally, or simply ask you my readers to invite all your friends to subscribe to by blog and put the link on their intranet at work? I don’t want to become a ranting writer, but do require to increse hit count.

I dunno, but I feel I must do something.  Any cute guys out there want to share their thoughts or pics with me?


  1. I think that you have the best Umbrian Gay blog around. Kep up the good work.

  2. Thanks for your support. I want to be the best Umbrian blog! Mum might have signed this but whose mum?

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