Why oh why do the BBC keep changing the format of their iPlayer?

Just as I get acclimatised to their new look site they go and change it.  I like to keep in touch with the news in the UK and Scotland in particular, and also to hear of Berlusconi’s absurd Bunga Bunga parties from a media source other than those controlled by him – here in Italy we do not get to hear of his horrifying antics

I am a long term listener to BBC radios 3 and 4, and have recently discovered the delights of Radio 7 and their books and plays, so delightfully read, and all just a click away, but no….

They have once again changed the format of the iPlayer and what used to be a few clicks away is now several.  I do hope there is a good technical reason for this change, for to my eye every new site refurb is less visually pleasing.

And just how much is this refurb all costing?  Call me a humbug, I know it usually takes me a wee bit of time to acclimatise to a new refurb car model, then a few months later wondering how I ever like the old style, but at 06.30 in the morning when I fumble to listen to the news, a change in the iPlayer is too much…

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