Tonight at the Teatro Comunale in Gubbio there was a performance by a young ballet troupe from Roma; Balleto di Roma.  Six girls and six guys danced amazingly to a contemporary programme, with superb lighting and choreography ending in a very sensual, nigh erotic charged dance to Ravel’s Bolero.

The Small theatre in Gubbio was packed to capacity, indeed deciding to go just this afternoon I only managed to get a seat in the ‘gods’, – free seating so was one of the first to arrive in the hope of a central seat.  All the boxes below soon filled.  It was certainly worth the climb to the near stratosphere, the dancing was superb!

The Theatre in Gubbbio has a full programme running throughout the spring,autumn and winter with tickets at a remarkably cheap rate, tonight’s dearest were only €20.00, Nip just up the road to my favourite restaurant “Bargello’ for a pizza buffalina and you have a really satisfying evening’s entertainment.

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