I listen to the radio and hear of the problems and fighting in northern African countries, and manage to feel relatively detached, however the recent earthquake and ensuing tsunami in Japan has left me stunned, shocked and speechless.

In common with many I have been overawed by the sheer destruction, just how do you go about rebuilding such a shattered environment? how do you get water, food and fuel to the survivors?  how do you give support to the survivors? the list in my head goes on and on, so many died, it is so very hard for me to comprehend the scale of the loss.

All I can hope is that the world marks a tribute to the tragedy by seriously considering abandoning the folly of nuclear power and ploughs significant funding into greener energy, it has to be the way to go

Often I think my life is tough,but I really have nothing at all to complain about, my heart goes out to the whole Japanese nation.


  1. Mind you after the disgraceful action of the French British and US in bombing Libya I can no longer feel detached, merely depressed and utterly ashamed to be British

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