What is it about Apple Mac and gay people?  Is is the operating system, the functionality, the perceived social cachet, or quite simply the design that appeal to us – we can’t all be graphic designers?

Apple has changed in recent  years, and to my mind not for the better, now they have adopted the crazy “must sell” marketing strategy, constant updates each of which steer you ever deeper into Apple brand loyalty and the ultimate feeling that you need to buy a new Apple Mac to keep yours up to date. I don’t like it at all,  gone are the days when Apple produced good working computers, now they are more like the celebrity cult, new day new look, new must be, then disposably on to the next, however I remain an Apple addict, as it seems are all visitors to Bellaugello Gay Bed and Breakfast here in Umbria.  I lost count of the number of Apple Mac computers, iPhones and iPods that came across the door yesterday, certainly enough to open an Apple re-seller store for a day and not a pc in site!

Remember the original Apple rainbow logo now just where and why did that go……..

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