Ben, another real good friend here in Valdichiascio near Gubbio in Umbria asked to borrow my cement mixer and duly arrived from Pratale in the Ape.  We loaded it up and off he trundled, how those Ape’s look precarious and fragile and how sturdy they really are never ceases to amaze me.  Now the great cement mixer which has done us so proud here at Bellaugello Gay Guest House will do admirable service as Ben comences to restore his house on the other side of the valley.

Ecco la foto – had to balance out the good looking pics with one of the ‘workie’ 🙂


  1. Is this your new business? Mobile ice cream seller on an industrial scale? I am glad you sold that little car you had and replaced it with something more practical.

  2. Well you must have been reading about the Glasgow ice cream wars……………. Hmm…….. the thought didn’t cross my mind

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