And it is still snowing! – Bellaugello: Luxury gay bed and breakfast near Perugia, Umbria, Italy
And it is still snowing!

Here at Bellaugello Gay Guesthouse in Umbria, Italy  the fires are lit, the heating is on, there is food in the larder, the sauna stove is burning merrily and there is yet more snow.

I did think to go shopping this afternoon, sort of planned to be one step ahead in case we got blocked in here over the weekend, well it seems I have left it too late, the road is buried under nearly a meter of drifting snow!

Jenny and Milo are having such fun, they simply adore the snow, as indeed do I, and let’s face it the wine cellar still has some decent bottles of Sagrantino di Montefalco, there is dry wood for the fires, so perhaps it is time to stay at home and diet, however I have called Francesco my neighbour who has a snow plough and he is on his way so I will be off to discover what if anything remains in the shops in Gubbio!