Bellaugello Gay Guest House, the garden in May

After what seemed like long long months of cold North Easterly winds, those winds that make it hard to ever get warm, the arrival of May seemed as if by magic to move the winds round the compass and instead bring warmer sunnier weather.

My Garden is all too aware of this change, and now, after months of inactivity and looking rather bedraggled it is bursting forth in every direction.  I must admit to having fertilised (organic and somewhat ‘fragrant’ fertiliser) most of the plants, and I am sure this was a huge help and encouragement.

The roses are magnificent, the wisteria was so generous, pendulous lilac and pink flowers covering the west side of the upper part of the house, a show of blooms we have never seen the like of. 

This wisteria was supposed to be white.  The first year it was, then it did not flower for three years.  Year four it gave a few white flowers thence from year five onwards it became lilac.  It is beautiful but we still disagree as to which colour it should be and I do wonder every year what it will decide to show..

I cannot help but love this view of the slight mist in the valley looking from the uppermost terrace over the private garden of the Azzurro Suite far, far to the Apennines and Monte Sibiline, some 70km away.  The May flowering wisteria seems to frame the shot perfectly.

Below a deep pink rose that flowers  through the rosemary that cascades down the embankments, oh, and, yes, a pic of today’s team.  Mauro you must by now all know, and introducing Isis who is helping Daniela keep the house spotless for you guys.

the view to the south from Bellaugello Gay Guest House, Italy

Meanwhile in the valley the Ginestra is so powerful

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