The last few weeks of sunshine and a good bit of watering have brought the gardens here at Bellaugello Gay Guest House on a treat.  The wisteria is beginning to bloom and the tree paeonies and camellias are bursting forth with their crimson and scarlet blooms.

It has been an eventful week, as a precursor to Easter, really most entertaining, there always seems to be something to do or somebody calling round for a chat or a cup of coffee.

The presence of good friends of mine from Santa Cristina over to see the Finnish sauna and panoramic terrace gave two great guys from Holland who were just about to depart for the next stage of their holiday the chance to ask for their visit here at Bellaugello to be captured on camera with me in the centre…  Shame they caught me unprepared in my gardening kit and those dreadful crocs… oh the shame, I must get some new gardening shoes!!

Great meeting you Rob and Ivo and thanks for sending me the photo

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