Some things like fine wine and good cheeses improve with age, but not everything.

Whilst in general I guess I have improved with age, I have grown out of truancy,  now wash my own clothes, am a courteous driver,  and am ecologically aware, one thing has not improved;

I was running through the webstats for my gay bed and breakfast here in Umbria at website and checking on the hits received from the Untied States.  Magical sounding states are clicking on my website.  I tried playing a game, reading the state name and trying to place it on the map, oh dear although geography is one of my strong points I did not achieve more than 70% accuracy – and that was with only 16 states that had hits on my website yesterday.  Which led me to remember a game played with my parents when I was still quite young.

We had a fine old atlas at home and such was my love of travel and thirst for knowledge that my parents used to open the atlas at a page without names and I had to guess the country or state.  I well remember getting all 50 states of the USA correctly named in the correct place, ok maybe it took a bit of practice, however today I fare less well and for some reason also thought there were 52 states,  age and memory loss, it comes to us all or is it that after so many years here on this earth I have taken in such a vast quantity of facts that I can only recall a certain percentage?  Boh..

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  1. I thought there were 50 states. The wife was educated there so she should be able to give you the difinitive answer on Sunday .

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