A veritable ZOO……. – Bellaugello: Luxury gay bed and breakfast near Perugia, Umbria, Italy
A veritable ZOO…….

Emails this morning in the inbox at Bellaugello Gay Guest House:

1  From a friend forwarding an unsolicited email from LUI magazine suggesting I advertise with them.  Has anyone ever read the magazine, let alone booked a holiday from it?

2  From the Farmers Union offering Ford vehicles on 20% discount – no use.  What I want is an all singing all dancing Audi A6 Allroad on 60% discount.

3  From another friend attempting to send me a project to review.  All I got was error messages.

4  Two enquiries for April – dealt with,now waiting confirmations

and lastly…

5  From Apple.  “Your MobileMe account ends soon”  Well that is interesting as I did not know I had a ‘MobileMe’account, I thought it was a ‘.Mac’ account.  However the email goes on to say that I have no option but to move to an iCloud.

To move to said iCloud I have to purchase a snow leopard ($29.00), upgrade my newly acquired snow leopard, turn it into a lion (at a further cost of $29.90) and then in the summer said Lion becomes a Mountain Lion.  What a menagerie, whatever next, a cheetah!!!  I do not know if I want my information stored in a cloud, I like the thought of it being in some subterranean vault under some arid desert.

Furthermore my computer although only two years old is slowing down and filling up with data.  I hope it does not go the way of my old iPhone 3 which I just had to replace with an iPhone 4GSX  I back up my computer to external hard disk, I try and rid myself of lifes’ little luxuries by deleting unnecessary programmes and photos, but this wild creature will eat up my disk space and what really worries me is the reviews on the Apple forums advising people not to upgrade, reasons cited from slow processing speeds, malfunctions, to loss of all data, and will the data now stored hppily on my external discs still be readable?  Also if I have to first upgrade to leopards and snow leopards would it not be nice to play with them awhile?

Any of you readers out there yet taken the plunge? do let me know.

I may be gone forever from the blogosphere