What is it about Italian guys?  Tonight I received a telephone call asking for accommodation for this evening.  I happened to have the Duca Suite available as it is between guests, so I said yes and we agreed a price.

We discussed the route, the guy was coming from Firenze, and I could hear him writing down the route. He asked if he could phone me if he got lost or could not find his way – it is easy from Firenze but I was reassured by his question.  I asked him what time he expected to arrive and he said about 8 to 8.30.  He gave me his name and stupidly I did not take a credit card number.

Not for the first time the Italian did not show.  He never bothered even to telephone and say he was not coming, the room was ready, big cozy bed and luxury bathroom as have all the suites here at Bellaugello Gay Guest House in Umbria, but the guy did not show

Lesson learnt, no credit card number no reservation…

and by the way mystery non-show guest if you read this not only did you annoy me greatly but you missed a fabulous dinner with scintillating conversation from real cute guys…  As she said in the film ‘Pretty Woman’ “BIG MISTAKE”

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  1. American Express will do nicely! My Mum says talk is cheap.

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