A pleasant surprise – Bellaugello: Luxury gay bed and breakfast near Perugia, Umbria, Italy
A pleasant surprise

For some days now I have been steeling myself, depriving my readers of any blog posts, building up a climax in my mind, and all because I wanted to post a big word on my blog for Bellaugello Gay Guest House.

By big I do not mean a big impressive word, actually I mean a very short word, but in a large font.  Unfortunately on my blog dashboard there is no way of changing the font size so being me instead I  posted nothing.  In common with with most of my guests here at Bellaugello Gay Guest House I am an Apple man, iPhone, iPod, Airport wifi, MacBook, (enough this is beginning to sound like an advert for apple), I publish this blog using my MacBook.  My brain works in an appley sort of way, that is I believe kinda logical, and usually easy.  Maybe it is because since the early nineties I have been an ardent Apple Macintosh fan and do not and do not wish to understand anything about pc systems even as apple becomes more meglomaniac and less customer orientated I refuse to change.  Ok so with that last sentence I am showing my luddite age.  No, I will not translate files to ‘word’ documents to allow them to be pasted, simply I do not have the technology and pages programme is not compatible with my blog publishing suite.

The  word I was wanting to post was ‘no’.  Age dulls the memory and I no longer remember why I was wanting to post the word ‘no’.  Maybe because it was another cold slushy day and I would be at home chilling and stuffing my face with more carbs, (today is warm and sunny, blue skies and fleeting alto cumulus) maybe it was because I recently walked in to my porch to discover two trays of seedlings for summer bedding plants had somehow mysteriously tipped over and spilt compost and seeds in a heap on the tiled floor, (now on the compost heap – it will be so colourful this summer), maybe it was because I did not want to go to that party the other night, (private reasons),  maybe it was because I could not believe the sensible news that our PM Mario Monti has withdrawn the Italian bid for the 2020 Olympic games, (glad that although British I am not a UK taxpayer)  or maybe it was because of the news that the former Mayor of Gubbio and nine other officials were arrested on charges of ‘extortion and abuse of authority’ which means that huge numbers of decisions are to be revisited…..

It was none of them, I do now remember why I wanted to post the word, however now I have changed my mind and instead I am going to briefly relate a reason for a different use of the word NO

Yesterday saw me heading off to the Questura – the office of the Italian State Police.  Now don’t get worried, I have not (to my knowledge) done anything wrong, I am not having to plead for my life, or my freedom, it is merely that there are some business things here in Italy that are handled by the Questura, so off I drove to Perugia.  On the way I stopped in one of my favourite bars for a coffee, short, tangy and revitalising, I so adore Italian coffee, and I used the time to call a friend whose wife is about to give birth to their third child to ask for any news.  The expectant father rapidly changed the subject and enquired as to my whereabouts and mission.

When I told him of my plans he laughed hysterically and said that he would see me in time to celebrate the expected child’s first birthday, so long are  the queues at the Questura, indeed the queues are legendary.

Brought to my senses I immediately Idowned my coffee, terminated the call and headed off on my mission to the office.  Through the security gate, past the section where foreigners apply for visas and permits, surprisingly empty, rows and rows of unoccupied seats in the waiting room, past the area where passports are applied for, the ticket machine eerily quiet, the number on the display in the empty room being that of the next ticket to be taken, and so to the section I required – surely that must be where everyone was today, but….

Straight up to the window, to be courteously ushered through a door into a waiting area, and almost before I had time to sit down to be taken into the office to see the person I needed to see, and do the business I needed to do.  All in all in and out in ten minutes…

seemingly IMPOSSIBLE but YES it is true, what a pleasant surprise!