My great friends Roberta and Fabio sent me this photo taken by them at a dinner in a splendid hotel near Gubbio following the baptism of their son Filippo the end of august last year.

By my colouring either I had imbibed too much or there actually was sunshine here in Umbria…  I know the latter was the case, and despite the wonderful Arringatore wine from cantina Goretti, a delicious blend of Sangiovese, Merlot, and Ciliegiolo grapes from the hills near Perugia (a wine I keep here at Bellaugello Gay Guest House – and freely admit to enjoying) I was still remarkably sober, roll on summer, I want my tan back, enough of this rain…..


  1. my god ur the same colore as the wood lol sunbathing too much mr lol

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