I awoke early, real early this morning, it was five o’clock and the sun was already up and warming the glorious Umbrian countryside.  The light was a soft peachy yellow, mist lingered in the folds of the hills and the birds were singing the dawn chorus.  Unfortunately I did not have my camera at home and was too sleepy to go downstairs to find it, so you will just have to take my word for the glory of today’s sunrise.

I am now in the kitchen catching up on emails and contemplating the tasks for the day ahead.  Again it is a glorious day, the solar panels are working real well and we have abundant hot water, the hay has been cut and baled in the big field, my delicious lavender is now really coming into flower and the bees are busy collecting the nectar and there is not a cloud in the sky….

a day for chillin’……………


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