A loud persistent and unyielding car horn signaled the presence of the mail.  We here in Valdichiascio have a new postie, she is young, blonde and seemingly loves the sound of her car horn.  Any time there is a package or letter to be signed for she signals her presence by several jabs on the post car horn – and does not stop until I approach the car.

I guess I should not complain at least she signals her presence unlike her predecessor who would cost down the hill silently and leave a card in the letter box here at Bellaugello gay guest house informing me that there was a parcel for me and that I had a twenty kilometre round trip to collect it from the post office (only open mornings and never at weekends) and if I didn’t collect the letter/parcel within five days a fine starts accruing.

Anyway to the point of this post, the postie today delivered me a recorded delivery letter from some government department, more hassle and a package.

The package was from Sweden home of my dear friend Annie who sent me amongst other goodies a sample of her new Lemon flavoured Scottish Tablet.  Annie runs a business in her delightful Swedish farm outside Stockholm making hand-made Scottish confectionary, notable whisky flavoured tablet or fudge.  This melt in the mouth, must have another piece sweet is not only more-ish but absolutely yummy.  Thank you again Annie for spoiling me so!

The Lemon tablet made with sugar, condensed milk, and loads of butter  and fresh lemons – I had to ‘phone Annie to thank and compliment her and so learnt it is made with fresh lemon juice and zest is divine, sweet yet at the same time sharp, a real triumph.

Annie has recently launched her website where you can see the products and buy online, regular readers of my blog maybe recall my post on her being asked by the Nobel Committee to provide her tablet for the recent ‘Nobel Nightcap

For those of you with a sweet tooth here is the link to Annie D’s website… tell her I sent you! Annie D\’s Scottish Tablet Website

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