This morning was the beginning of the end for my rants over TelecomItalia. I have finally found a company who can provide me with a fast internet connection.

A test was made and there is a strong signal, my new internet service at Bellaugello gay guest house will arrive over the airwaves.  A small receiver mounted discretely on the roof of the house will receive a signal from a transmitter on Monte Villiano, the next hill to Monte Subasio the stupendous hill behind Assisi.

The company have contracted to provide me with 4Mb service, which is nearly ten times faster than my current provider!  To you guys out there in the rest of the world that might not seem fast but to me it seems virtually unimaginable.

If all goes well the service should be up and running next week, I will report.


  1. Congratulations! How did you hear about this company? Do you think I will be able to get a 4mb signal from my bunker?? The milky bars are on you next week when you have it working.

  2. It came to me through the ether………….. Sure with your sight and proximity you can probably get 4++mb and then the milky bars will be on you! Thanks m8 🙂

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