Today I went to a meeting in Foligno a town in the valley south of Assisi.  For a change I was a passenger and it was a delight to see the verdant Umbrian countryside as we drove from Bellaugello Gay Guest House.

As I have recently posted the weather here in Italy is glorious, and unusually hot for the time of the year today the temperature rose to 33º on the car monitor.  My driver related stories of just how unbearably hot it gets in the summer in the towns that sit down in the valley floors, and how much more pleasant he finds it to live in Gubbio.

We are lucky here at our gay b&b, sitting at 500m altitude the summer air remains pleasant and rarely stiflingly hot.  In line with our bio-ecological policy we do not have air-conditioning, we simply open the windows and let the gentle breezes waft through the Suites…….

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