The almost never ending sunshine has warmed the trees and despite the serious lack of rain all our fruit trees here at Bellaugello Gay Guest House deep in the delightful tranquil Umbrian countryside are laden with fruit. The two venerable old Apricot trees are no exception and this year they have given generously of their […]

The recent opening of a trattoria in our neighbouring village of Colpalombo was all the excuse needed for all of us from Bellaugello Gay Guest House to jump into our cars and drive in convoy along the dirt roads, cross the river and head up into the picturesque village It was an immensely enjoyable evening, […]

Many thanks to two great guys from Livorno for the prosecco apertivio taken on the terrace before we headed in to dinner. Sparkling prosecco, glittering company – as always great guys, a selection of local truffled and ‘drunk’ percorino cheeses and of course bruschetta made with our olive oil, a very Italian start to a […]

Oh my blood is boiling, an angry rant. Yesterday I went to Perugia to buy a new lightweight vacuum cleaner to use in our daily cleaning here at Bellaugello Gay Guest House. ┬áThere is a large electronics store where I purchase many of my electrical goods and I found a super sexy lightweight upright Miele […]

Two days ago the guys were sitting chatting at breakfast which in summer we serve on the terrace. ┬áThe morning was a wee bit cloudy, but the breeze was gentle and warm, but it was real pleasant, when all of a sudden the heavens opened and there was a torrential downpour……… the first rain since […]