Today at Bellaugello Gay Guest House it was yet another glorious day.  An overnight frost soon lifted and the sun has shone brightly all day. After a couple of days at the computer I took the opportunity to work outdoors and, although wrapped up warmly, felt the restorative heat of the sun.  Later this afternoon […]

In the end the lemon dinner here at Bellaugello Gay Guest House in Italy, last Saturday evening also featured other fruit; a creative artist decided to extend the fruit theme with designer fruit place cards, using green apples bought that morning from the farmers’ market in Gubbio.  They looked so chic,  (if somewhat messy in […]

As promised in my last post a selection of photos from our New Year’s Eve / Capodanno Houseparty here at Bellaugello Gay Guest House in Umbria, Italy. Following our cenone, Marco turned up the music and all danced until midnight, when the New Year was brought in with a Prosecco toast. Brunch on 1st. January […]

I have spent the past three days working at the computer.  Outside it has been sunny, cloudless blue skies, crisp but cold.  Recently first thing in the mornings there has been a slight coating of ice on the swimming pool, and parts of the garden where the sun does not hit remain frosted most of […]

I hate them, for many reasons I utterly detest  them and so it is time for a rant about ‘energy saving lightbulbs’.  Now don’t get me wrong this is not a rant about me resenting change or not wishing to keep up with modern technology as anyone who has been to Bellaugello Gay Guest House […]