This morning I am off to the weekly market in our local town of Gubbio, it is still artichoke and orange time, they are abundant, and so good, but I am heading by way of the consorzio, the local farmers’ store for potatoes and then straight on to the stall run by the guy from […]

Yesterday afternoon’s meeting went well. In the office of the chief of the department responsible for infrastructure in the comune of Gubbio we learnt that they are conceding the road is a mess and something on their part urgently requires to be done, so the first steps towards repairing the road are being made. Hooray! […]

The sun has returned, and it is warm here in Umbria.  This morning I awoke at Bellaugello Gay Guest House and really surprisingly there was frost on the ground, the first frost of this winter.  Why oh why does it have to be frosty the morning after I cut and fertilised the lawns?  Last week […]

Bravo Scotland! I might not agree with independence but heartily approve of the decision today in the Scottish parliament. Same sex wedding legislation passed in Scotland – from the BBC

Following the festivities and a couple of weeks of over-indulgence and under-activity it was time yesterday to get back to the land, a day of farming at Bellaugello Gay Guest House. The Estate of Bellaugello is 53 hectares and whilst a lot of the land is made up by woodland, we do have fields that […]