Today, now….. Thanks Technoadsl. Seven continuous weeks of my complaining by email and still you cannot provide a functioning internet service Posted using iPhone hotspot connection!

I can well understand that governments require population surveys to better understand their populations and plan for the future of their nations, ISTAT has just last month sent census forms throughout Italy. Among the various usual questions was one about internet connection.  From memory it ran somewhat like this: Do you have an internet connection […]

They call it TECHNOADSL  That is the company who have their receiver mounted on the roof of Bellaugello Gay Guest House here near Gubbio in Umbria. It was supposed to be the answer to my prayers for a fast internet connection TECHNOADSL suggest internet speeds of up to 4mb, unheard of in Valdichiascio where TelecomItalia […]

To end what in all other senses has been a wonderful day here at Bellagello Gay Guesthouse in Umbria I have a rant to download to you all….. I am so angry.  For the past hour or so I have been trying to download a film onto my computer.  TelecomItalia who currently provide the internet […]