An explosion of the senses………. This morning one of my neighbours who thankfully still farms in the time honoured fashion of traditional animal husbandry tumbled down the dirt road in his Apetto, those wonderous three wheel vehicles so evocative of rural Italy. An ancient farm, lovingly tended, chickens and geese wandering freely, both summer and […]

A quiet Sunday an excuse to leave Bellaugello Gay Guesthouse for a wee excursion in the Umbrian countryside. After the hot sun of yesterday today as I find myself in the beautiful town of Bevagna it is decidedly cool We have feasted on prosciutto from nearby Norcia, pecorino from Umbria. Bruschetta with DOP olive oil […]

The most glorious tranquil and still of mornings was rudely interrupted by good friends who were planning a hill walk and lunch in a restaurant near Gubbio – no way could I refuse, great company, great scenery, and the promise of a great lunch, so off I drove down the back drive from Bellaugello Gay […]

Sitting at my kitchen window tonight posting to my blog whilst drinking a wee glass of ‘Pecorino’ a delicious crisp white wine from the cantina of Bove we stock here at Bellaugello Gay Guesthouse, I am reminded that as well as an innkeeper I am also a farmer, and sheep (ok -‘pecore’) would serve me […]

Out at dinner – what again I hear you say! Yes again. This time at Marco’s house at the head of the valley. ┬áIt actually rained for a while this afternoon and for a bit looked as if dinner would be cancelled, but fortunately not. We feasted on fresh picked corn on the cob roasted […]