A few views of Bellaugello Gay Country House taken yesterday. You see the west terrace, a glimpse of the vegetable garden, and in the distance the Apennines, Monte Subasio and of course the river Chiascio which we overlook from the terraces here at Bellaugello.  Today spring is certainly in the air.

The guys at Bellaugello Gay Guest House have been busy relaxing, a paradox or what? Gay holidays do not only have to be centred on our infinity pool soaking up the sun and admiring other guys’ physiques. Nor do they have to be holidays reading books interspersed with sleep or partying, or eating, nor necessarily […]

It’s going to be another beautiful day here at Bellaugello Gay Guest House in sunny Umbria Italy. The must is slowly rising and leaving the valley, it is already hot, birdsong punctuates the still morning air. A fabulous convivial evening yesterday, we all chatted until late, this morning I was the only one up with […]

The other evening at a family dinner I had the chance to meet with one of my regular readers, someone who is from the valley but now lives abroad and reads my blog to keep up to date with the news in the valley.  I was informed that they are always amused by my rants, […]

For what is probably my last post of 2012 a few photos to let you share the views at Bellaugello Gay Guest House which is bathed in glorious sunshine at the end of December 2012 It really is a fabulous place to be!  Happy New Year to ALL, hope to see you here in 2013

This morning the house was completely shrouded in mist.  It is typical of autumn days here in Umbria that early in the mornings, light mist lingers in the valley and magically breaks free floating upward and dissipating, inevitably by eleven o’clock in the morning the blue sky is revealed in all its warmth and glory. […]

An email recently arrived in the Bellaugello Gay Guesthouse inbox was from a couple of fantastic guys, thanking me for their recent stay here and enclosing a photograph, which I post below together with their words; ‘ I am attaching the snap shot we took on the last day – as a proof that lots of […]

For some days now I have been steeling myself, depriving my readers of any blog posts, building up a climax in my mind, and all because I wanted to post a big word on my blog for Bellaugello Gay Guest House. By big I do not mean a big impressive word, actually I mean a […]

In the end the lemon dinner here at Bellaugello Gay Guest House in Italy, last Saturday evening also featured other fruit; a creative artist decided to extend the fruit theme with designer fruit place cards, using green apples bought that morning from the farmers’ market in Gubbio.  They looked so chic,  (if somewhat messy in […]