Clearing through photos this morning at Bellaugello Gay Country House I came across this set which brought back memories of just how the house was and all the effort we put into restoring it to make what you see today. The south elevation of Bellaugello 2009 – 2015 enjoy!

I really cannot believe it. Here at Bellaugello Gay Guest House the weather continues to be unseasonably warm. Yesterday I spent a delightful afternoon pruning olive trees. I dressed warmly, it is February after all, but within a few minutes As temperatures hit the low twenties I had to strip off to a rugger shirt. […]

Utter silence, guys still sleeping, outside it is warm, sunshine, blue skies, harmony, a gentle breeze not even rustling the few remaining leaves hanging so tightly to the naked tree branches, so quiet even the bird song is faint and intermittent, a bee bumbles over the rosemary flowers, otherwise nothing, hardly a sound. Way below […]

Autumn doesn’t cease to amaze, a glorious sunrise snapped by iPhone on my way down to serve breakfasts to the guys at Bellaugello Gay Guest House I have the fire lit in the dining room, not because it’s cold but because it adds to the glorious golden reds and oranges here yes, roses in flower […]

It was all planned. Yesterday we set a table for dinner on the garden terrace. Candles, lanterns soft music. An antipasto of local prosciutto, truffled frittata, buffalo mozzarella, breads, salamis, and salads which the guys could help themselves to set the scene for one guy to ask the other the all important question. Before the […]

Up early this morning for early departures for guests leaving for Sorrento and the Amalfi coast, I just happened to snap this photo of the early morning mist caught in golden sun rays. This is the view I wake up to every morning at Bellaugello Gay Hotel in Umbria italy

Plump juicy fragrant lemons from Amalfi all ready to be used for tonight’s dinner here at Bellaugello Gay Guest House. We will be serving our speciality lemon tart, yummy! Definitely no Monsanto here!

Over this summer guys staying here at Bellaugello Gay Bed and Breakfast have been styling the dinner table. We serve dinners three evenings a week, no there is no fixed night, we just try to coincide with new arrivals and spread the evenings over the week. Standards of table settings have been really high, and […]