For some reason today was somewhat emotional.   Maybe it was the call from my ex, maybe it was so many other things going on in my head, or maybe it was just that this morning I was woken up at six o’clock and seeing the sky was red, a glorious resplendent sunrise, I had […]

The garden is happy, rain today! It is one of those magical misty mornings that Umbria does so well Gentle rain, refreshing, cleansing And an excellent day for scrumptious hot freshly cooked pancakes for breakfast! As has been said “every cloud has a silver lining”

A halcyon day at Bellaugello Gay Guest House, sun shining, guys relaxing around the infinity pool, sunshine, light breeze, all good with the world.  Indeed when planning last night’s dinner we had thought to serve it outside on the terrace under the stars, that is our preferred way at Bellaugello. However at five o’clock the […]

They kept it quiet, so quiet, even I did not know until this evening when I received a delightful email from a couple of fantastic guys who, a couple of weeks ago officially got engaged here in the delightful romantic setting of Bellaugello. I am so chuffed they chose Bellaugello Gay Guest House to affirm their […]

Really weird this evening.  Opening my emails I receive a newsletter from an America Gay lodging website where I have an advert.  The first thing that pops up is an advert for a tour company whose website has the following drivel and I quote direct from their website: If you are gay and are planning […]

A mere hour and a half by car from Bellaugello Gay Guest House brings you to the Umbrian hill top town of Trevi. As with so many Umbrian towns the houses cling tightly in ever decreasing circles to the hill top, at time it seems as if like suckers of a tree they have actually […]

One of the world’s largest multinationals seems to be having staffing problems at the moment here in Italy. For some strange reason not reported here in italy but widely reported in the UK press and the BBC from where I learn of a nun in southern Umbria only discovering she was pregnant when out popped […]

Bellaugello farming treated me to a Christmas present. I am now the proud owner of an ancient but well-loved Ape 50. One of those legendary three wheelers that epitomise the Italian peasantry and Italian countryside It’s a bit bumpy to drive, an adventure, and why shouldn’t I have a new adventure or toy? Not that […]

It is so great having a neighbour who not only builds microlites, but is a qualified pilot and instructor and also a great photographer and real good friend. Why not treat yourself or your partner or husband to a flight or book a course of lessons to gain your pilot’s licence staying here at Bellaugello […]