It might not be snowing, indeed it has been sunny all day here at Bellaugello Gay Guest House, but the mood in Umbria is decidedly Christmassy. The roadside houses are  festooned with multicoloured lights, the ancient narrow streets in the Umbrian hill top villages and towns are decorated with lights, shops filled with colourful seasonal […]

My annual December break away to Sweden is this year, was in great contrast to last year when Stockholm was damp and rainy.  As you can see from the photo there is snow, the air is crisp and it is decidedly cold, real winter weather.  I think I am becoming a softened Italian!  Last weekend […]

My traditional British Christmas cake laden with candied fruit, nuts, deepest dark muscovado sugar and of course plenty of alcohol is now slowly baking in the oven here at Bellaugello Gay Guesthouse President of the Republic Napolitano is the person given the honour this year of switching on the “World’s Largest Christmas Tree” in our […]

The tag-line for my blog runs something like ‘news updates and random rants from our gay B&B in Umbria’ and some of what I am writing about today has nothing whatsoever to do with the tag line, but I just need to get something off my chest. Yesterday was an ‘away day’ from Bellaugello.  A […]

It might have been a wee bit drizzly, but nothing prevented us at Bellaugello Gay Guest House driving down the hill to participate in the festivities tonight in the beautiful Umbrian city of Gubbio as direct from the Vatican Pope Benedict XVI touched his iPad screen and lit the Christmas tree on the slope of […]