Following a day of intense heat, last night was one of those beautiful balmy evenings, the warm light breeze wafting the heady scent of lavender across the garden,  an excuse for dinner on the terrace at Bellaugello Gay Guesthouse in the delightful Umbrian countryside. Unusually for us the majority of the guys were from the […]

Great friends who also have an agriturismo invited me over to Sunday lunch today.  It was once again a beautiful sunny day, and the drive thorught the winding lanes over hilltops and through shady valleys was delightful.  There is a dusting of snow on the Apeninnes and the Abruzzo hilltops capped in snow were glistening […]

I am a Global Warming Sceptic.  I Believe it is happening but not necessarily for the reasons the media and politicians would have us believe. I guess our climate is changing, and we are experiencing freak weather, but is this not quite simply a natural cyclical progression of the world.  Through time there have been […]

The fields here at Bellaugello are sown with erba medica or lucerne and given the abundant sunshine and occasional rain shower are flourishing.  The current crop was first sown here some four years ago, each year being cut twice for animal feed. This year following the first cut it looked possible to harvest and then […]