I am putting the final details to our annual Hogmanay Houseparty here at Bellaugello Gay Guest House which this year will start on 28th. December and offer a choice of three or seven nights stay including our Scottish/Italian Cenone and ever popular New Year’s day Brunch. Before I publish the package on Sunday if you […]

Yesterday early evening whilst walking the dogs in the slowly fading light here in Valdichiascio we came across a magnificent proud twelve pointer stag standing on the top of the small field overlooking his kingdom. The glorious beast, the first such twelve pointer I have seen since moving to Bellaugello Gay Guest House.  It just has […]

An early flight this morning for two delightful guys flying back to Dusseldorf meant that I was already awake and serving breakfast when the phone rang; Buongiorno Bellaugello (in Italian) – “Do you have a room for this evening?” Yes “I see you offer a massage service” Yes “Can I get an erotic sexual massage?” […]

Italy may well be in a poor state but this week I discovered just how community spirit is alive and well. Significant and long-term lack of maintenance, recent large movements of timber, and poor weather have left  the road here in Valdichiascio in a terrible condition.  Last week one of my neighbours went to the […]

It has been a rollercoaster week here at Bellaugello Gay Guest House.  Highs, lows, speed, standstill, joy, sadness, things shared, sharing denied, solitude, companionship, courage, weakness, rain, sunshine, warmth and cold; I could go on further, much further with the adjectives, but I guess you begin to see the picture. I have been suffering a […]

Trying belatedly to get into the Christmas spirit – festive not alcoholic, I’m feeling really irritated today.  I looked online to see where the Christmas Carol Concerts are being held in the region.  Nothing like a good sing-song and a bit of mistletoe and holly to get me feeling festive. To my annoyance I discovered […]