No, not mine, but this evening conversation at dinner was all about marriage.  An evening for me away from Bellaugello Gay Guest House spent in the kitchen of good friends in the delightful hamlet of Santa Cristina some 15kms drive from Bellaugello. I had a bit of farming business to attend to nearby and the […]

A quick and painless flight on wednesday from our local airport of Perugia saw me zapping to Brussels to attend a workshop organised by ENIT the Italian tourist board The office of the region of Umbria is right in the heart of European Brussels and it was there with very generous hospitality that along with […]

A perfect Christmas present from very special friends arrived today, and so wasting no time three new ‘Leccino’ olive trees were, with the aid of Ben’s overly muddy Landrover taken to their new home and duly planted.  Good to be back on the land once again

For what is probably my last post of 2012 a few photos to let you share the views at Bellaugello Gay Guest House which is bathed in glorious sunshine at the end of December 2012 It really is a fabulous place to be!  Happy New Year to ALL, hope to see you here in 2013

Thanks Eric for the photographs of your Birthday weekend, more to follow but for now a small taster…… of how a few days at Bellaugello Gay Guest House can bring out the clown in everyone…. And of course the mischief…. and now for that Dorian Gray moment…..  

A picture tells a thousand words, so just a few from me this morning to say that once again the sun is shining here at Bellaugello Gay Guest House in Umbria, central Italy. Last night we dined on the terrace, the evening was utterly still, all around hardly a breath, silence, just the voices of […]

Last night the stars were amazing, inky black skies and thousands of bright stars, a complete stillness, a big world.. This morning is one of those beautiful misty Bellaugello mornings, the mist hangs low in the valley and slowly bits break away and disperse.  Here above the mist at Bellaugello Gay Guesthouse the sun is […]