As regular readers and guests of Bellaugello will already know one of my passions is lavender.  The gardens at Bellaugello Gay Guest House abound with the glorious heady perfume of lavender from the many many lavender plants that I have in the garden.  I also use the lavender for cooking, it gives a subtle flavour […]

This morning soft rain fell and clouds hung in the valley below.  It was one of those magical Umbrian days, as slowly the mists rose and refreshed hillsides and fields were revealed.  The much needed rain brought life to the plants, and newly fertilised lawns here at Bellaugello Gay Guest House. And talking of plants, […]

Great friends who also have an agriturismo invited me over to Sunday lunch today.  It was once again a beautiful sunny day, and the drive thorught the winding lanes over hilltops and through shady valleys was delightful.  There is a dusting of snow on the Apeninnes and the Abruzzo hilltops capped in snow were glistening […]

Last night there was a full moon and only scant  cloud cover, so the night was light, very surreal, utterly still and silent everything monochromatic and shadows. This morning is one of those utterly beautiful mornings often found here in Umbria.  Stillness punctured only by the singing of the birds, a slight early morning damp-ness […]

A friend who had stayed at Bellaugello Gay B&B recently sent me this You Tube link of the fabulous concert and lighting show held in the Piazza Grande in front of the Palazzo dei Consoli.  It brought back memories of halcyon summer days……   To view Click on the Link below Palazzo dei Consoli, Gubbio Music […]