A glorious summer evening, no excuse needed for a BBQ at Bellaugello Fire blazing, Monica drying salad in the time honoured Eugubino fashion, and guys devouring meat All in all a wholly glory…ious evening! Thanks particularly to M for the alliterations, they kept the evening bubbling along soo well it just flew by 😉

It was a glorious evening, warm, balmy, and the fireflies were hovering in the garden, flitting from lavender bush to rosemary and into the trees when the guys from Rome fired up the barbecue at Bellaugello Gay Guest House and set about cooking for us all. What a veritable feast! The chat as always was […]

We are making great progress with our works here at Bellaugello and are well on target to have the next three suites and the dining room finished for the end of March 2010, well in time for Easter, which will complete all the works at the main house. The quotation for the infinity pool is […]

Out at dinner – what again I hear you say! Yes again. This time at Marco’s house at the head of the valley.  It actually rained for a while this afternoon and for a bit looked as if dinner would be cancelled, but fortunately not. We feasted on fresh picked corn on the cob roasted […]

Today is forecast to reach the high thirties, as I write the birds are singing, and the Apennine mountains in the distance are glazed with a fine heat haze, and there is not a cloud in the sky. Yesterday the guys worked hard and got the footings finished for the second garden wall, now waiting […]