L’accensione dell’Albero di Natale Più Grande del Mondo – Gubbio

It might have been a wee bit drizzly, but nothing prevented us at Bellaugello Gay Guest House driving down the hill to participate in the festivities tonight in the beautiful Umbrian city of Gubbio as direct from the Vatican Pope Benedict XVI touched his iPad screen and lit the Christmas tree on the slope of Monte Ingenio above the star lit medieval streets.

At an instant the hillside was aglow with over 700 coloured lights in the shape of a Christmas Tree – The world’s largest and as church bells rang out fireworks lit the skies above the tree to be met by thunderous applause from the many spectators.

And to give some idea of the scale of the thing the building in the next pic is the Palazzo dei Consoli that dwarfs the city and you cannot see the top of the tree….

Yes, it is beginning to feel like Christmas, and Gubbio is certainly THE place to be