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Alec’s jottingsNews, updates and random rants from our Gay B&B in Umbria, Italy

I don't know what has been happening around here this year but I seem to be surrounded by a glut of over-sized vegetables.  Last night two enormous cucumbers arrived at the door.  The one in the pic measures over 40cms!!  Anyone out there done research into vegetable size  correlated to penis size of the grower? […]
Stormy weather
A couple of pics of a recent evening storm.  The sunset coloured the clouds, which sparkled with lightning flashes
It has been a busy few weeks here with builders and plumbers continuing on the various projects. We now have our spring connected, and  water flowing through the taps throughout the house and garden.  It is ironical that since the spring was connected we have had rain.  I do not know if I should be […]
Florianopolis, what a nice sounding name, I must confess to wanting to go there if only on account of the name.  It is the capital city of the state of Santa Catarina in southern Brasil.  Santa Catarina is a 52km island connected to the Brasilian mainland by the Hercilio Luz bridge. I have another reason […]
Just had to upload this photo of Edo taken the other evening.  At a glance it looks photoshopped but it's not, the sky was full of grey clouds streaked with red, but it is strange how Edo seems to melt into the background. I'm pleased with the pic.
Michael Jackson
I was just coming to terms with the death yesterday of Farrah Fawcett when I hear this morning of the death of Michael Jackson. It is bizarre how the story developed through the day from first unconfirmed sympathetic reports of his being rushed to hospital with a suspected heart attack, through interviews on the BBC […]
Istrice and Irises
A month ago I was very fortunate to meet a lady from Perugia who was thinning plants her garden.  She has a small garden just on the outskirts of the centro storico of Perugia, indeed part of the city wall forms a boundary to her terraced garden. I was very kindly gifted fifty Iris corms. […]
Black parasols
A really non-stop day yesterday with masons busy on the garden wall of which more another time, and plumbers laying tubes in trenches to connect the tanks now in position on the tope of the hill behind the house.  The sun shone down relentlessly, I can't wait to get these jobs finished.. My plans to […]
Last night was warm and balmy, the air filled with fireflies.  These winged beetles emit a yellow light by the process of  bioluminescence. This chemical process produces cold light, with nearly 90% of energy going directly into light production. To me they are quite simply marvels, a natural light show and impossible to photograph


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