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Alec’s jottingsNews, updates and random rants from our Gay B&B in Umbria, Italy

A glorious day here at Bellaugello Gay Country House, the sun shone brightly and temperatures reached 23˚c  the infinity swimming pool is glistening and beginning to heat up.  As I finished work we noticed Bobby casting a measured eye over the gardens and a photo was swiftly taken... I think the message was, "dad have you […]
Oh what a beautiful morning!
I am feeling guilty.  Not only do I live here at Bellaugello Gay Country House in one of the most beautiful corners of Europe, but also I have been a poor blogger of late.  So to make up for that I post a few photographs of what you are all missing this morning... I am […]
Yes, I’m still here, but IT isn’t
Not a happy guy at all.  Last festive season I wrote to all my guests that they could expect a huge bit of news from Bellaugello in January, the original agreed date for the news was the end of December but already by the festive season it was obvious that the deadline was not going […]
No April fool
Busy preparing for Easter, but just time to post pictures of the new look living room of our Specchio Suite here at Bellaugello Gay Country House. We are thrilled with the new colours, the chic restrained elegance, the warmth and welcoming feel of the new look.  As well as the new colours wee have some […]
Wow! what a scorcher
Hot, hot sun today and I find myself busy cleaning 🙁 Slight wispy clouds dot the azure sky, a light breeze, hot hot sun, and all around colour, spring bulbs and fruit trees in flower, the rosemary bushes at Bellaugello Gay Country House are buzzing with bees, honey bees too, obviously out on their first […]
Connecting from the USA and Northern Europe
Hooray for getting to Bellaugello Gay Country House just got easier! Not only do we have the new service of direct flights three days a week from Munich by Lufthansa into our local airport of Perugia "San Francesco di Assisi" coinciding with United flights arriving from New York and the USA and several other Canadian flights, a new Vueling service […]
A new look about to launch
  Sitting at my kitchen window watching the light rain fall to the Chiascio valley below, the surrounding hills lightly covered in mist, a quiet, still and somewhat magical day here in Umbria I have a great announcement to make; After several months of work all is almost ready and the New Bellaugello Gay Country […]
Out and about, from garden to valley, yesterday at Bellaugello
  A few views of Bellaugello Gay Country House taken yesterday. You see the west terrace, a glimpse of the vegetable garden, and in the distance the Apennines, Monte Subasio and of course the river Chiascio which we overlook from the terraces here at Bellaugello.  Today spring is certainly in the air.
Introducing “M”
Saturday, picture day... Times have been busy here at Bellaugello Gay Country House, but today we finally managed to stop and with the assistance of a table to balance the camera and the auto-timer we finally managed to take our picture... I'm not one for posting personal items on my blog, but this is important, because […]
A warm welcome
Sunshine, delicious warm sunshine today and with the grass cut on the lawns at Bellaugello Gay Country House I was in time to ready the Giardino Suite for a couple of friends who telephoned this morning and are travelling through Umbria on their way to Siena which is not that far away and asked if […]


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